Industrial/Commercial Photography

Marketing/Advertising Imagery Creation

Project Documentation

SUAS/Drone Photography & Videography

SUAS/Drone Inspections

Annual Report Imagery

Fine Art Print Sales


Industrial/Commercial Photography

With multiple safety certifications and the ability to gain any required certifications, I am able to capture your operations on any location and in any weather.


Marketing/Advertising Photography

With four years of oilfield work experience, I am familiar with the many different facets of oilfield operations and know how to best portray your services using unique and powerful imagery.

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Project Documentation

From construction to reclamation, upstream to downstream, fill out the Contact Form below to see how I can help document your project.

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SUAS/Drone Photography & Videography and SUAS/Drone Inspections

Certified by the FAA, I hold an active Part 107 license with a UAV platform robust enough to fly in the North Dakota winds. With a background in photography, the UAV becomes a powerful tool that I use to create impressive arial imagery as opposed to your typical drone photo.


Fine Art Print Sales & Annual Report Images

My photos have been in multiple publications and have sold in galleries. I am able to consult with you and find the perfect prints to match your home or office.

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