These images are from my home in North Dakota where I grew up and spent most of my life. I remember home as a beautiful and peaceful place - a place where I will always feel safe and comfortable. Home will always be important to me. Home will always be beautiful to me. It will always remind me of a great childhood and upbringing with my family. Regardless of how you may feel about the oil and gas industry or towards any number of factors affected or related to the oil and gas industry, the purpose of these images is to purely show you how I see a particular part of western North Dakota.

When oil was discovered/re-discovered in western North Dakota, I saw my home and the area around my home change dramatically. More traffic, more people, more lights, more noise, more everything. It’s easy to be disgusted by this if you let it. The things I loved most about going home and being at home were gone. I loved being outside at night and only seeing a handful of lights on the horizon and hearing nothing but birds or the incessant, howling wind. Now it’s traffic noise, oil well noise, and a constant glow of lights and gas flares. And the incessant, howling wind.

I spent two years working in the bakken oilfield. I  always had my iPhone with me, and towards the end of my time there, I brought a camera with me to work. The bulk of my time working was spent alone and as such, I had a lot of time to just observe. I observed the oilfield, I watched the drilling rigs and oil wells. I saw the oilfield in every kind of light and every kind of weather. I tried to capture how I saw the oilfield with my camera. Sometimes it felt like I was seeing the same view day after day. Other times, I caught a gorgeous sunrise or sunset or a view that, unless you were out in the oilfield all the time, you would never see.

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